What Collaboration Looks Like

What Collaboration Looks Like

It's been a busy season of working with a wide variety of churches, businesses and ministries.  While this intense schedule has often kept me from writing projects, it has been exciting to see collaboration happening between entities in a way that I wouldn't have dreamed of even a year ago.

While not everything can be explained in a blog, there are a few movements afoot that I want to make you aware of:

1. RallyABQ

This project was a "Godsiration" that came about after the Global Leadership Summit where Andy Stanley asked the question: "What are you doing in your business or ministry that is 'uniquely-better'?"  The short version of my answer was/is to work together collaboratively with other non-profits and ministries, and stop worrying about self (organizational) promotion.

In a brainstorming session with another non-profit leader and a businessman, we came up with the concept of RallyABQ, a way to work together to create lasting change in the city of Albuquerque.  I encourage business leaders, as well as ministry and non-profit directors to visit the website, learn more, and get involved.  Our next meeting is December 4th from 7:30-9am and you can get free tickets here.

2. Convoy of Hope

This gigantic community event will roll into Albuquerque on June 23rd, 2018.  Convoy of Hope "has the power to band us together and transform our neighborhoods and our cities--not as those who need help, and those who can give it, but as friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters, working toward a common good."

It is estimated that 10,000 people will be served at this event!  Provisions on this day will include: groceries, hot lunch, health services, kids zone, nutrition education, family portraits, community services, veterans services, haircuts and more.

If you work with a business, ministry or non-profit that provides services to the public, please learn more about Convoy of Hope and get involved!  There is also lots of opportunity for individual or group volunteering at this event.

3. #LoveABQ

I am not affiliated with this project/campaign, but it seems to be in the same "spirit" as the above organizations.  According to their Facebook page: "#LoveABQ exists to highlight the good things happening in our city on a micro level. #LoveABQ is for those who can't take another day of bad news about Albuquerque. #LoveABQ is for people who want to actually make a difference and are willing to roll their sleeves up and ignite change. Join the movement to change the morale of our beloved ABQ."

So, as you see, there is indeed a move happening and a fresh breath of collaboration in our beautiful city.  Pray about how you can get involved and let's watch Albuquerque change into an oasis of hope in a desert of bad news.

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Reinventing yourself

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What good does it do to pray?