I'm just going to ask

I'm just going to ask

Can you help me?

I can't be any more direct.  I need help.  I can't do it alone.

Running a non-profit isn't for the faint of heart.  Running a Christian non-profit takes a spine of steel.  Running a Christian non-profit that isn't going to settle for sub-par takes an act of God to keep it afloat, an army of volunteers to give their time, and many strong financial donors to surround it.

So far, I've got an act of God.

We have a handful of volunteers who have been serving over the years, and for that I'm so thankful.  We need reinforcements.  We need new troops to come in who aren't battle weary.  We need strong, able bodies, hearts that want to see Albuquerque changed, and spirits that are gentle and compassionate while setting appropriate boundaries.

We need financial backers.  Yesterday was #givingtuesday and I followed the plan, sent out the email, developed a social media campaign and yet, only 1 person to contributed.  Thousands saw the need, one answered the call.  

It's easy at a time like this to question myself. What am I doing wrong?  Why won't people get involved?  Surely there's enough financial resources out there that more people could pitch in, right?

Here are some things I know to be true:

Albuquerque is broken.  If you need convincing, open today's newspaper. Or, look at yesterday's.  Grab one from a week ago, a month ago or even 5 years ago.  Problems abound.  They are getting worse and not better.  Government programs aren't the answer.  

God put me in this position for a reason.  Yes, I'm shaking things up and changing directions.  But I give you a guarantee.  There has not been one day on the job where I haven't started (and continued) in prayer.  I a seeking council from the best, smartest and most trustworthy people I know.  I have placed myself under a greater authority and know that I am never the solution.  God may use me, but I'm nothing special.

When churches work together, and subsequently the people of the churches, we can do exponentially more.  One church can't feed all the people.  One church can't clothe all the people.  One church can't council all the people.  We need to be a unified force, working together to change our community.  We are better together.  It's not about a building or a special event.  It's about being used by God in a mighty way to bring hope and healing to the broken.

I happen to be the Director of Love INC of Albuquerque. My job is to bring churches together to change our community.  Our purpose statement is this: Love INC of Albuquerque ignites church synergy to transform the lives of Albuquerque's needy by providing practical help, training and friendship In the Name of Christ.  

So, can you help me?



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